If you have a large collection of home videos that you want to transfer to digital format, the cost of the transfer can add up quickly. Fortunately, a few video transfer services offer bulk transfer discounts! This will save you money on large orders. Which is nice, especially when you are paying to see your own family in a better format!

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of bulk transfer discounts and provide tips for getting the best value.

Benefits of Bulk Transfer Discounts

Bulk transfer discounts offers significant cost savings for those who have large numbers of tapes or film reels to transfer. Instead of paying full price for each individual tape or reel, bulk transfer discounts allow you to get a better per-unit rate. Memory Fortress was the first company to offer this, and over time, many others followed suit.

For example, a video transfer service may offer a 10% discount for orders of 10 or more tapes. Or, possibly a 20% discount for orders of 20 or more tapes. When you get over 100 tapes, it could be as much as a 30% discount per video conversion. These discounts add up quickly, especially if you have a large collection of videos to transfer.

In addition to cost savings, bulk transfer discounts can also make the transfer process more convenient. Instead of having to send in each tape or reel individually, you can send them all in at once. When you do this, you take advantage of the discounted rate. This means shipping or transport costs are far lower.

Tips to Save Money on Large Video Orders

Now that you know the benefits of bulk transfer discounts, here are some tips for getting the best value:

  1. Choose the Right Video Transfer Service

Most video transfer services do not offer bulk transfer discounts, so it’s important to choose one that does. Do some research to find a service that offers discounts for bulk orders, as well as high-quality transfers and good customer service.

When comparing services, always get them on the phone ask about their bulk transfer discounts. Also ask them about any minimum order requirements. Some services may require a minimum order of 10 or 20 tapes to qualify for the discount. Others may offer discounts for smaller orders than that.

  1. Group Your Tapes or Film Reels

Grouping your tapes or film reels into batches is another way to save money on video transfer. Some services offer discounts for larger orders, so grouping your tapes or film reels into batches can help you qualify for these discounts.

For example, if a service offers a 10% discount for orders of 10 or more tapes, you may be able to get a better per-tape rate by grouping your tapes into batches of 10. This can also save you money on shipping. You can ship all the tapes in one box rather than shipping them individually.

  1. Choose the Right Resolution for Your Needs

When transferring home videos to digital format, you’ll need to choose the right resolution for your needs. The higher the resolution, the more detail and clarity you’ll see in the transferred video. However, higher resolutions also mean larger file sizes and higher costs. Most services offer the same resolution as the original tape, no better and no worse.

  1. Avoid Unnecessary Add-Ons

Many video transfer services offer add-ons like extra copies of the transferred videos, custom menus, or special packaging. While these extras may seem like a nice touch, they can quickly add up and increase the cost of your transfer.

Before you add any extras to your order, consider whether you really need them. For example, do you really need five copies of the transferred video, or will one or two suffice? Are the custom menus worth the extra cost, or will a simple title card do? By avoiding unnecessary add-ons, you can keep your costs low while still getting a high-quality transfer.

  1. Check for Coupons and Discounts

Finally, be sure to check for coupons and discounts before placing your order. Many video transfer services offer seasonal sales and promotions, as well as discounts for first-time customers or bulk orders. Look for these discounts before placing your order to save even more money.

  1. Plan Ahead

When it comes to bulk transfers, it’s important to plan ahead. Transferring a large number of tapes or film reels can take time, and some services may have longer turnaround times for bulk orders. Memory Fortress delivers in five business days, but some services are as long as 8-12 weeks!

Many customers try to get their videos converted by a certain date, like an anniversary or Christmas. Before sending in your tapes or film reels, be sure to ask about the expected turnaround time. This will help you plan accordingly and ensure that you receive your transferred videos in a timely manner.

  1. Consider the Quality of the Transfers

When transferring a large number of tapes or film reels, it’s important to consider the quality of the transfers. While cost is certainly an important factor, it’s also important to ensure that your memories are preserved in the best possible quality.

Look for a video transfer service that uses high-quality equipment and experienced technicians. The best services will use professional-grade equipment, such as broadcast-quality VTRs, to ensure that your videos are transferred at the highest quality possible. In addition, some video transfer services use software to enhance the color and clarity of the video, which can result in even better-looking transfers.

  1. Consider the Types of Formats

When transferring a large number of tapes or film reels, it’s important to consider the types of formats that the service can handle. Some services may only be able to transfer certain types of tapes or film, while others can work with a wider variety of formats.

Be sure to check whether the service can handle the specific formats that you need to transfer. Some of the most common formats include VHS, Betamax, Hi8, MiniDV, and 8mm film. Some services may also be able to transfer more obscure formats, so be sure to ask about their capabilities.


Bulk transfer discounts can offer significant cost savings for those who have a large collection of home videos to transfer. By choosing the right video transfer service, grouping your tapes or film reels into batches, choosing the right resolution, avoiding unnecessary add-ons, and checking for coupons and discounts, you can save money on your video transfer. Be sure to plan ahead, consider the quality of the transfers, and check the types of formats that the service can handle. With these tips, you can preserve your memories without breaking the bank.